Cocoon Coaching & Consulting

A safe space for growth

Cocoon utilises Lisa White’s extensive leadership experience and in-depth knowledge of behavioural psychology to support senior level HR directors and female leaders realise their true potential. Gaining a deep understanding of our client's approach, we fashioned an identity that feels secure and balanced with a sense of calm transformation; an elegant and distinct solution that confidently stands out from the corporate crowd.

Luminous’s expertise, enthusiasm and execution are second to none. It is rare to find others who are as passionate about your business as you are.

Lisa White, Director
Cocoon Coaching and Consulting

Harmony and balance

Cocoon believes that successful leadership is based on a high level of self-awareness so using a calligraphic brush and ink we drew a unique ‘enso’ circle, the Zen symbol representing enlightenment, strength and elegance.

An enso can be open or complete; the former accepts imperfection and allows for movement and development, perfectly capturing Cocoon’s philosophy.

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