Grant McGregor

Putting you first

Proving that IT is not dull, Grant McGregor are an enthusiastic, client-focused IT support company in Edinburgh who wanted a rebrand to reflect their personable approach. Luminous created a logo that incorporates a colourful line of binary within: '01110101' - code for 'u'. This fits nicely with their ethos – technology with 'you' in mind and is a little smile to our inner geek.

Having successfully designed our fabulous corporate identity, we asked Luminous to create our website. They brought fresh, innovative thinking to the project and adeptly guided us all the way through.

Jon Towers
Grant McGregor Ltd

Technology • People

Grant McGregor have a keen vision and hold their company principles and values in high esteem. We were commissioned to bring them to life – and in doing so managed to also brighten their offices!

By illustrating robots to personify their corporate values, their message remains light and bright – and totally on brand.

Expert advice

Over the years we’ve created stationery, promotional material, event banners and an award-winning website for Grant McGregor. Cheerful illustrations, bright colours and a friendly tone across all communications ensures they are appealing and accessible to customers looking for a friendly IT expert.

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