Mara Seaweed

Reaping the rewards

When we first met Mara they were drying seaweed, on a washing line, in a back garden. Today the product is stocked in Harrods and Marks & Spencers, has made multiple television appearances and the company has a professional production facility in Scotland.

Mara means sea in Scots Gaelic, and to reflect this we created a beautiful identity that was both accessible and fluid, balancing tradition and modernity. While the brand has evolved over time, the logo still remains true to its creative origins.

The talented and friendly Luminous team were a joy to work with.

Xa Milne
Mara Seaweed

Sharing the benefits

Although seaweed’s nutritional value has long been recognised in Japan, five years ago, the ingredient was unfamiliar to the British consumer. The marketing material we designed introduced seaweed as a natural, vitalising and delicious product so shoppers understood the benefits of cooking with it and were inspired to buy it.

A picture of health

Keen to capture the seaweed being harvested, we took a trip to the west coast of Scotland with photographer Peter Dibdin. This photoshoot provided Mara with a rich resource of images, that get to the heart of their products provenance, and have been used for many years to help market this delicious weed and celebrate its Celtic roots.

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