Monkey Butter Gourmet Peanut Butter

As sweet as a nut

We were approached by the Gook sisters to brand their new company, Monkey Butter. The brilliant and ambitious Canadian duo recognised early, the growing trend for artisan nut butters and went into production ahead of the curve. They wanted their brand to be fun and approachable, even a little whacky and so we created a characterful identity for them, brimming with personality.

The project was so much fun it almost didn't qualify as work and we've enjoyed extending the growing brand family, designing their jar labels and packaging and, of course, eating their gourmet nut butters!

Luminous perfectly captured the quirkiness and sense of fun in our company name, Monkey Butter. We love the unique and eye-catching designs, which delight our customers and set us apart from our competitors.

Kate Gook
Monkey Butter

A growing business

Monkey Butter love to experiment and use customer feedback to develop new recipes and expand their ranges and so our next task was to brand their new line of almond butters. Our illustrated labels mean new flavours can be introduced efficiently and cost effectively whilst ensuring each product looks distinct. Despite the challenges of accommodating information in both English and French, we made it work and as the business grows, the range continues to look harmonious and on brand.

New markets

Monkey Butter proved so popular that they soon received requests to create peanut butters suitable for dogs to enjoy. Our task was to welcome Bow Wow Butter to the family and get cracking with its identity. We ensured it was recognisably part of the Monkey Butter brand but that it was clearly for canine consumption.

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