Designing the future

Today card issuers, under pressure to meet evolving customer expectations and regulatory demands, expect more from processors. QRails solves such problems with its purpose-built processing system and Luminous was chosen to create its identity. We equipped QRails to meet customers and investors alike, with an elegant website and a wide range of digital and printed marketing collateral.

Needing to appeal to conservative financial institutions, the logo has been designed to look reassuringly confident. It uses colours familiar to both finance and technology and the distinctive Q mark encapsulates speed and transformation.


Luminous made sure they understood what I needed and captured this in the branding, perfectly. They provided crucial insights and it was a great experience working with the team.

Gerard Griffin, Managing Director

A clear outline

The QRails website is a neat summary of their solutions and features, designed to grow and adapt with the market. Colours and graphics are pared back for a crisp look, highlighted with blue accents, so the focus is on their message. Imagery was carefully selected to add interest and communicate abstract concepts of finance and speed without specifying an institution or payment type.

Ready to meet the world

Luminous prepared stationery and presentations for the US and UK market working with printers and photographers in both countries. Complicated transaction processes are clearly summarised in infographics, and we created icons, charts and graphics to support the text. The resulting collateral is both smart and professional.

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